Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wish ur all GOOD LUCK

3.30am now, it was the time to sleep,
It just 8hours left for me get ready to go war hall,
Sit for the LXEB: 3310 Banking and Negotiable Instruments 1
Honestly, I’m nervous now even I had prepared for it,
I scared the moment when I get the question then my brain is blank,
Scared that whatever cases that I had read is not in my brain,
I hope that such a situation wont happen to me,
That why I always told my friends that remember do enough rest before you going to the war hall,
Once you don’t have enough sleep then your brain or mind will not functions well,
Whatever u had read before,
U can’t catch it although u had read it many times before,
Even repeat and repeat,
Therefore, to avoid such situation happen during the exam,
Better have a nice sleep,
Wake up early morning on the second day and refresh your mind again,
U will found that it will be better,
I’m here to wish all the candidates who is sitting 4 the exam wish your all good luck tomorrow
Especially those who are taking Banking Law,
(Me, Chwee Yen, Ling Siew, Elvis, Chee Seng, Chia Huey, Ying Yik, Lo Yinn, Nicole, Phaik San, Hui Yin, Shi Bin, Shiok Kun and so on….)
Of course STPM’s Candidate Hing,
And lastly SPM’s Candidate Vincent Choo who always like to sue me in COPY RIGHTS….




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