Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Busy Life

This few days, I was busy in doing banking assignment, finally still left 1 topic haven’t discuss yet. Law student’s life is damn busy. Crazy with all tutorial questions, some more have to prepare for the presentation. It was really spend my whole weekend to prepare for it. Whose know? Haiz…it was unlucky day, I can’t even blame anyone, what I can said is that I get the lessons from that presentation. Anyway, it is my careless as well. I should bear the consequence.
One month had pass soon, where I had spent in this whole September? Everyday spend a lot of time in chatting, on9. I had told myself that I shouldn’t like that. Don’t continue to wasting my time. Time is gold, it won’t stop waiting for you. Actually, I should start doing my thesis for chapter 2 but I have no idea now. All those interview things haven’t settled yet. I had sent the letter to Bukit Aman 1 month ago, but until now I haven’t receive any respond from them. Where is the efficiency character from them? What I get from them is in the process, everything is in the process. How many process they have go through? One department pass to other department? This is call in the process? Haiz…I had no surprise of this because it is the characteristic of the government’s department. Everything must take long time to process.
Last weekend, I went to Sunway’s Red Box because we having the buddy gathering. Long time really didn’t go to Sing K already. Quite enjoy of it. This gathering we all not need to spend even 1 cent? It was because our graduated buddy treated us. This is our regular practice in our faculty of law. Damn good. Each year have a free meal from graduated buddy. Of course we also need to prepare some present to congratulate our graduate’s buddy as well. Since I’m 1st year in law course, I really appreciated that I can join in such big family. I had gain a lot of funs from joining them. Get closer to each other. What I won’t forget is that we all (when we are 1st year) had the duty to organize the buddy’s BBQ. I still remember that we all play truant Islamic law lecture and went to prepare the BBQ’s stuff. We cook everthing ourselves. It really can’t imagine that we got such potentials. Haha…Don’t look down us wor. We all are future lawyer and good in cooking as well.
I always complained that no much time in preparing for tutorials, assignment, and thesis but why I still have time spend for my blogging? All this is unacceptable excuse. May be I should ask myself “Why I don’t have much time already but still can spend it for chatting, on line? Haha…may be I’m using such reason to form an excuse to escape from the duty. I also don’t know. So may be for those who are viewing my blog now may leave some comment on it. Give pressure to me…encourage me as well…because I need it. Haha….

From: Ming Zai (Chor Soon/ Anson) 22.09.2008



Blogger chwee yen said...

dun think of 2day presentation thing le.
feel like u very stress!!
dun giv so much stress oon urself.indeed we hv many things 2 do,mayb 4 u chating is waste time but dats life.
we shouldnt lose our meaning of life bcoz of study.we should pursue wat we wan 4 our life.
but however sure u nid 2 gambatte lal,we really hv many things 2 do.muz cherish our time.but cant keep studying oso wil crazy de.
lets work hard 2gether k?
gambatte!!gambatte!!add oil ya!!

September 23, 2008 at 11:46 PM  
Blogger Lilian said...

i agree with chwee yen
maybe you can try to put pressure on the bukit aman thing
see how they are progressing. thats what we do when we are trying to get back reply for sponsorship and even in our thesis. call and call and call..
as for blogging, its really a release of stress, and maybe a place you can organize your thought. i think you should keep it up. time is something that is never enough for human. think i will still complain even if given 48hours a day. i used to persuade myself that if i were given 48hours a day, i would be satisfied, but i know time will nver be enough. haha..
jia you lo

September 24, 2008 at 6:20 AM  

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