Saturday, September 06, 2008

Life is Challenging but Wonderful...

This few days I had broke my own record in writing the blog...Dont Know why suddenly so crazy and feel want to post the blog as much as possible...
Yesterday i'm nothing to do at home so I had spend the whole day and date with my close friend "BLOG"...I found that bloging can actually release my stress, tension and pressure...It can consider that Blog had became part of my life. The place that I can talk, shout, no people will feel annoyed because of me.
I'm feel happy that some one who really willing listen to me, I know that you want me to tell you my problems so that you can help me to burden up some stress and pressure as well...All this I can understand and I got feel of it...Thank you so much....
Thank to My Ex-Classmate ORANGE, thank for your concern...You are thinking too much...I satisfied with the's wonderful, full of hapinnes. Of course no one will living without sad. Sometime we sure will feel unhappy of the life that is called human beings. Therefore we should challenged overcome the problem. We should always keep in mind that " I know I can do better" and should be optimistic toward the life now.
Once you success in settled all this kind of trouble, you will found that actually you are learning something in the process...Gain something which is valueable....That why we alway describe that life is challenging but it's wonderful.

We not need too care about what was happen in the passed. The important thing is we should take it as an experience.....use it as a guidance when the same things happen we wont make the same mistake....

Gambateh......To All MY Friends...

From: Chor Soon (Ming Zai) 2008.09.06



Blogger chwee yen said...

actually ur eng really not bad arr.y u not confident wif ur eng ne?
u can use eng 2 write ur blog,but y when use eng 2 answer in law paper,u bcome very nervous n not confident?
as wat u say life is challenging so i think ue eng 2 answer in ur law paper is one of de challenge in ur life which i noe u can overcome it de.
think abt it k?i believe u can de.b confident!!!

September 6, 2008 at 8:44 PM  
Blogger Orange said...

yor~~~ u r just too bad la tis anson!!! eventhough long time din 'pijak' each other, no nid 'pijak' here gua... not fun la... go bek stw just 'pijak' la... hahaa...
ookie... u said u r ok then i just believe u la... hopefully it's the words from ur deep heart ya!!! hehee..
thanks for appraising me in ur blog!!! kakaka.... will i be 1 of ur famous fren then?? hahaa... jk jk.. =p
Have a Nice Day ya!!! take k... ;-)

September 6, 2008 at 10:55 PM  
Blogger 蓝雪人 (明仔) said...

of course, u r the 1 famous frenz in my life, u r the 1 who i know u through the friendster and who is became my classmate in the passed, dun u think it is the Yuan Fen btw us? So must keep in touch even sometime we may not contact each other but we know tht we still remember each other...I purposely dun want to contact u...leave some time to let u to think about me...haha

September 7, 2008 at 1:09 AM  

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