Wednesday, November 05, 2008

SUCK Government Department

Please allow me to address the Police at Bukit Aman as ‘Suck Police’ here. Of course, it doesn’t mean that all the police are suck in Malaysia. Some of them are still very nice and responsible as well. Today, I was wake up early at 8am because I had made the appointment with the police at Bukit Aman who call Pn NoraiXX to take the statistic of prostitution from her. This is the 2nd time that I made the appointment with her. The 1st time she had fail to keep an appointment which mean she flight my aeroplane. It doesn’t matter, my heart is not too narrow that until cant 4give her. She got her reasonable reason so that she couldn’t make it. Yup, I accept it. It’s call emergency. Due to the emergency, so I had made the 2nd appointment with her and she told me the time as well--->Wednesday (5/11/2008) 10a.m, Floor 7, Bukit Aman.
I was call my friend accompany me to go Bukit Aman due to the reason that I don’t know how to go there so that need someone to accompany me. If missing at least still got someone beside me. Therefore, I won’t be so afraid of it. Haha…
Ring…Ring…Ring…the alarm was calling me wake up on time (8a.m). When I look at my phone it was show that 8a.m. The 1st thing I did is sms her (Pn NoraiXX) to remind her that I had made appointment with her today and I will go to meet her at 10a.m later. Another reasons is because I scared later when I reach there she is not stay at the office. Then I have to go back without getting any information.
Wait…wait…wait…I’m lying on the bed to wait her reply me. I call her she never picks up. I thought that may be she was drive car and on the way to work. I can’t wait her to reply me because it was a bit late already. If I’m not going to prepare and get ready, for sure I will late arrive there plus I not really know how to go there. So, I going to bathe and get ready everything to meet her at Bukit Aman Later.
After finish bathe and wearing smartly (formal shirt) the time shows 9.15.a.m, so I should depart from my place to Bukit Aman. While I start on the way to go University station, I received a messenge from her. I’m happy that time because finally I got her replied. Who know, she replied me a short messenge “Evening 3p.m”. The felt is that SHIT, SUCK, I had get ready and on the way to go Bukit Aman and now you just telling me that u couldn’t make it? What such stupid things happen to me again. Flight my aeroplane again. That time I was disappointed with all the Government Department’s stuff. If u couldn’t make it at least let me know 1day b4 I going or tell me early. What was in my mind is that I sure that she had forgotten that she had made the appointment with me today. What I going to say? Telling and reply her that u r not responsible? U can’t even be a good police? NO..No..No..I cant even do that because I need her help. So what to do? I just accept it and reply her that “Yes, no problem. I meet you on 3p.m at Bukit Aman”.
I’m really disappointed with them. Why? This is the 2nd time that such thing happens to me. But I still consider lucky because I haven’t reach there if not I have to wait her until 3p.m then not need doing my revision already. It doesn’t matter, the worst thing is I really have to apologize to my friend Chee Seng because he accompany me go to Bukit Aman and need him to wait there with me and wasting his revision time. Haha…lucky I get her reply before I reach there.
Why I address the Government Department’s stuff as SUCK? There was another thing happen to me and my friend YY. That day both of us went to JKM to meet the JKM’s stuff to deal with her regarding the thesis stuff. My friend had made the appointment with her as well b4 we going and my friend had confirms with her the day before we went to JKM. She replies with “OK, I will be there at morning” but then when we reach there, she was not stay at the counter and went to the Jamuan Hari Raya. What? Flight our aeroplane? Lucky got another stuff sitting there and serve us. But what I want to say is that, the stuff was showing their inpatients’ face to us. What wrong with us? I wonder what call Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat? They not even show their welfare’s manner to us. The stuff was attend the so call Jamuan Hari Raya at downstairs, why not she just spend 10 minutes to upstairs to meet with us? And we have the question about the application matters regarding the interview with the stuff at JKM to ask her. When we ask the question toward a stuff who doesn’t know the answer that we ask, so what the purpose we ask for? And what the purpose we come here? We come here just because we have a lot of time? The answer is NO…we don’t have much time do spend on SUCK GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS and it need to go through all the long procedure and wait their respond or reply. Sometime they not even want to reply us even a word until we had to force them, call them annoyed them then they just start to sitting down at in front of computer and types the letter and reply to us. What I can say is THIS IS TRADITION OF GOVERNMENT’S DEPARTMENT.
The question I would like to ask is “When SUCK Government Department’s stuff going to change their attitude and leave a good impression to us? So, allow me to call them as SUCK GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT’S STUFFS.

Note: Stuffs here just refer to some of the Government Department's stuffs who do not show good attitude to us…haha…



Blogger piano said...

hey.. im 100% AGREE with this point..
But nothing we can do lar~ Rite? Even u complain about it that is useless they wont care about it.. This is their TRADITION we just can do NOTHING.. Hope they will wakeup and realised wat they had done one day.. God bless==

November 5, 2008 at 3:15 PM  
Blogger Orange said...

no point u complain...
even if u go n complain, i don't think there'll be any improvement also..
wat u nid to do is just try ur best to avoid from anything cause u to go to visit there...
btw, good luck in ur exam ya!!!

November 6, 2008 at 7:27 PM  
Blogger kc said...

must hv patient in facing this ma...
government like this de la..
good luck in exam ah!!

November 7, 2008 at 1:15 PM  
Blogger X|aoHanG_相翰 said...

government department and all sort of jabatan / office always work like these kinds of attitude, what can do?
last time i went to my hometown's post office and jz want to get a form only... i wait for almost 1 hour... damn slow... 8 counters altogether but only 2 ppl work for it... lll

November 9, 2008 at 1:48 PM  

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