Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Study Week + Exam Month

Study Week is started,
Everyone are rushing for their revision,
Morning wake up early,
My mind will automatic thinking that my 1st paper,
LXEB 3310 Law of Banking and Negotiable Instruments 1
How I going to die?
Dun thinks too much,
What you need to do is add oil,
pay full attention to this subject while doing revision,
For those who are viewing my blog,
I really apologize to your all,
Because I lack of time to update my blog regularly,
I promise once I finish my Last Paper on 17th Nov 2008,
The 1st thing I will do is to update my blog,
And let your all know my latest news,
To all my friends who are sitting 4 the exam now,
All the best to you,
Wish me luck for my 1st paper on 12th Nov 2008 11.30am ya,
Of course the 2nd paper IT on 17 Nov 2008 8.30am,


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