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As usual, today I went to library doing my revision. It was damn hot stayed at room. No air cond, just have a table fan. Wind is not strong enough even I had adjust it to maximum. Which subject I going to do revision today? Of course is the subject which I going to sit 4 the exam on 12th Nov 2008 LXEB Law of Banking and Negotiable Instruments 1.
These are the few pictures that I have took this afternoon while doing my revision. First have to intro some of the Banking Law text book and references book in the library. Just one subject only but we have to refer to different sources of the Banking Law’s Book…It’s causing me mad while study it. CRAZY MAN!!!
[All this are Banking Law's Text Book that we have to refer]
[Banking Law 3rd Ed, by Lee Mei Pheng]
Note: She is one of the UM Ex Law's Student
[Law of Banker and Customer 4th Ed, by Poh Chu Chai]
[Modern Banking Law 3rd Ed, by E.P Ellinger]
This is one of the text book going to cause me MAD
because we cant catch her mind
[Undang-Undang Dan Amalan Bank, by J. Milnes Holden translate by Badariah & Nik Ramlah]
This is the only 1 Bahasa Version Law of Banking
can be found in our Library

After seeing all this kind of Banking Law's text book, I'm going to feel sleepy before start my revision. OMG!!! Pls help me...Haha…Luckily I got it… provides me spirit of study…Yahoo!!!

[Bought it at 7-11 MENTOS - My Spirit of Energy]
Note: Guy dun eat too much because it will KILL ur sperm, heard my friend said de.

4.30pm already, have to start doing revision. I had told myself that dun even waste 1 second, pls use the time probably...U dun have too much time 4 ur Banking Law revision already. Go ahead...WAKAKA... Meanwhile, I had took some pictures while study...Look at our funny face...

Before: [Studying at RedBox]

[Dun know Anson pretend study or what]
Note: I'm sure he will fall sleep later

After 30 minutes:[Anson's Crazy Face]

1hour later: [Look Anson fall sleep]

Note: Look Silly,Wakaka

[Our Test's King]
Note: He still Available, Haha

After: [Chee Seng r u sleeping? or CRAZY as me]
Note: He was acting only coz he know that I help him took the pic

1 hour later, Chee Seng went back his college coz he have to fetch his friend to LRT station. Haiz...Leave me alone here...Nothing to do (In fact have to continue my study, but lazy) haha...I thought that want to take some photo so that can post it at My Blog and share it with others. So I took my K810i and take some photo at Library again. Peoples around me thought that I SS myself (Kononnya Syok Sendiri)...Let Look at these stupid's pic again....

[What i'm Looking at? of course Camera la]

It's jz have 4days more to add oil from now, as My Friend Vicent Choo told me that we must add oil while the price is low....haha...Sometime i will think that what's the purpose I study for? Exam? Yup, U r rite...if not because of the exam i thought i wont be stay at Library study until so late. It was TIRED plus HUNGRY = Causing me CRAZY. Before look at the Past Year Exam Question, I already started nervious...Can u Imagize that what will going to happen while I'm in the Exam Hall? PENGSAN? Haha...It going to be happens soon on me if I continue LAZY again...So, to avoid it, I have to give pressure to myself...Get ready to study hard and go through the Past Year Question b4 the accidents happen. At least I will know that what will going to happen toward me later on. GET READY...1,2,3... GO!!!!

This is the Past Year Question 4 LXEB3310: Banking and Negotiable Instruments 1

[Past Year Q 2004]

[Past Year Q 2006]

[Wow...So long the Q]

Note: How I going to answer? My mind is blank now!!!

The strategic to overcome all this "MAFIA"(恶魔) is to STUDY HARD and STUDY SMART (My sister told me while i'm 1st year) then sure will answer well during the exam. Thank 4 the advice. So I have to start prepared my note and memorize it...."XD"(this icon i had request the copy rights from Vincent Choo, so pls dun sue me)

[This is my Banking Note, (C) Copy Rights)

Before start doing my Banking note, these are the stationery that I need....

[Pencil Box, Highlight and Electronic dictionary]

[Full of Cases and Journal at Rack, I never touch it]

Note: Once I read it I will start PENGSAN

[Law Library: Redbox..B4 doing my note the table is clean]

[Table start look messy in the process of making note]

[Our Banking Law Course Outline]

Note: Guidance of Note

[Case and Material Reference]

Note: CRAZY Man Read CRAZY Case become SUPER CRAZY MAN

[Banking case: Vernes Asia Ltd v Trendale Investment Pte Ltd & Anor]

Note: Case is an authority to support ur view, Wakaka!!!

Haha...This Blog has spend my 3 hours sleeping time to complete it....hope ur all enjoy it....The next blog I will post may be right after my exam on 17th Nov 2008....Coz NO MORE TIME le....Good Luck to all MY FRENZS...All The Best in ur EXAM...and Get Flying Colour result...
Those who r taking LXEB 3310 : Banking and Negotiable Instruments 1, Gambateh wor!!! U can do it!!!

Of couse cant 4got to wish Vincent Choo who always like to sue me in COPY RIGHTS (XD) Good Luck in ur SPM, remember get 11A1...Dun always CRAZY with HISTORY...We all Support u....WAKAKA!!!



Blogger chwee yen said...

so pity!u really work very hard lel!feel guilty coz i am lazy!
correction 4 u,abt dat photo no redbox!should b redspot!hehe!believe urself!u can de!

November 20, 2008 at 1:10 PM  

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