Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year...SHOPPING

New Year just passed, 4got to wish all of u Happy New Year 2009.
As usual, I'm going to countdown on New Year Eve at Sg Wang,
After finish my lecture and lunch, I straight away taking bus to Mid Valley,
The main purpose is SHOPPING...haha...CNY coming soon so sure must go hunt something from shopping, plus now is Mega Sale season...Wakaka...
I dint hunt anything at Mid Valley, So the next station is PAVILION...
It was about 30minutes later arrive Pavilion...
I like that shopping so much...not so crowd, and there have many damn nice design clothes but the price also damn nice...haha...
Last few days b4 new year, I went to sunway with my sister and bought a new jean from extreme shop, so today the main objective if buy a shirt which can suit with tht jean....
While walk around Pavilion, I saw the TOPSHOP so just walk in and see whether got any sale. Everytime go TOPSHOP, my 1st thing will do is searching 4 Blazer, It's design is Slim Fit so it more suitable for me...but everytime I sure will disappointed because my size had out of stock.
I'm happy while seeing a blazer hang up there...of course I ask the promoter to take it and trying in front of the mirror....Size 34 is suit me but sleeve there a bit long so need to modify it.
I still hesitate that whether want to buy or not...Last time I had saw it but i dint bring enough money. 2nd days when I come again get ready to buy it was out of stock....气死我!!!
So I really scared out of stock again, so I asking my gf opinion, she saying tht ur size difficult to find so just buy it 1st ba...becasue of that so finally i buy it. I'm happy finally i got my own Blazer le...haha...Even It's cost alot but I'm happy with that.
Beside that, I also saw a shirt at TOPSHOP, it look nice and look smart when wearing it. 我又开始心痒痒了,it can wear as formal and informal, it's suit with jeans also. Last time I had saw a shirt at SUBZERO JEANS but i cant find my size. So now I'm thinking of buy that shirt. Haiz...the bad thing is no discount...It gona to spend alot again.钱包出大血啦!!!哈哈
Finally I bought that shirt and blazer...Total cost RM508, and I had add another RM10 to become it's member...
My wallet was money to buy any clothes le....haha...but i'm happy cz i hunt something 1 want for long time.
But actualy I plan to buy a T-shirt and a short pants again...But it may be just will buy on next time shopping...haha...I went to extreme, trying a T-shirt but no enough money to buy so I just trying 4 Fun...haha...But today (2/01/2009) I purposely go there again to buy it because I worry that later out of stock again then I have to walk around again c what I want to buy.
31/12/2008, is my 1st time having BaskinRobin, haha....38.....she bring me go...and treat me eat...haha...she owes to me1...dun 4got u still owes me starbuck ya...haha...and i owes u ShuShi King...Japan Food....
This year SUNGAI WANG countdown damn bad, it was bored, the famous singer not so many, even we got VIP ticket also have to crowd with others...jz only VVIP got sitting...10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009
Finally 2008 passed, 2009 just started....wish all of us have a new start also...sad thing had gone, just 4got everything, let to have super wonderful life from now....



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