Friday, December 26, 2008

Im back....

My new sem start soon,
I had spend my whole sem break for working,
Helping my uncle to take care his shop at PCK Fresh Mark Enterprise.
1st day working it was boring, thinking that dunno i can patient it until when?
2nd days working still as usual, but the indian gal started bully me,
ask me mod the floor, this is her duty, why should ask me to do it?
I'm spy, i cant let them know my main purpose
so I just listen to them, follow what they say...
unfortunately, I told this to my mum, later she told it to my uncle,
finally the Indian gal has been sack by my uncle.
may be ur all will say that i'm bad coz causing her lose her job,
but i dun think so...I just tell the true to my uncle, she not serve customer good.
irresponsible, 1st day oledi made a lie to me.
A employee who is dishonour should we employ him or her?
25/12/2008 Christmas, i still have working, this is my last day working at my uncle's shop,
my 1st feeling is sad because i'm leaving PCK soon,
a lot of funny things happen while working there, i will going to miss Bangladesh Men who name Shajul, he always like to act funny, He cant speak well in Bahasa, so sometime a bit difficult in communication with him...
What he know only potong ayam, kambing, lembu....hahaha...
I'm going to Miss Kak Eira and Wawa too...sometime a bit angry with both of u,
always SMS while working, I dun know what will going to happen if this situation continue to happen....but cant deny that i'm happy working with ur all also, just dun too lazy while working,
if not the next ppl to be sack is becareful lol....
I just working for 24 days, my uncle treat me so good, give me an unexpected salary,
but it going to finish spend soon, because i had plan to buy alot of things, Blazer, CNY clothes, shoe, i think still not enuff...wakaka....