Thursday, January 22, 2009

Relax My Mind During My Kok-k class

My mind was blank right now,
Dunno what was going on,
Im' actuali attend a Kok-K class right now (Basic Grafic of Computer)
Just take a minute to relax my mind while waiting the lecturer.

Since yesterday night I started stomach pain,
But it still under control, dun worry so much,
My friends had told me that should drink a lot of water
if go TOILET frequently it will causing our stomach lack of water, izit?
Thanks 4 the information, and I realize it after my friend told me...Haha

I miss my family, my bed, my mum's cook, and everything in my hometown
Especially Kam Lou Mee...(In Mandarin Kam Lau Mian)
Since I come to KL for my further study I reali seldom go back to hometown,
Sometime not even have go back in 1month or 2 months,
Normally will wait until my sem break then jz decide to go back,
I have no choice due to the busy life,
Assignment, Thesis, tutorial had made me crazy and crazy,
But honestly I waste a lot of time 4 sitting in front of computer,
On9, Blogging, Friendster, Facebook, MSN, Skype , YM and etc...
doing tutorial Q at last minutes, Wakaka...
But at least i still prepare 4 it haha...
if not I dun dare to enter tutorial class also because our lecturers are fierce, especially who had the status of Datin. They like to scold ppls even we have prepare it...WowLauEh, what u expect from us? Haha...Some of the lecturer with the Professor status, we reali dun understand what they taugh just because they too PRO...We havent achieve their Level...Keke!!!

I'm enjoying the life at home,
Feel want to go backto hometown right now,
these few days always countdown 4 CNY,
I'm happy to tell ur all that CNY jz leave 3 days,
and I will go back to my hometown tomolo,
Haha...Just want to wish ur all Happy New Year b4 I going back...




Blogger That My Goal said...

blogging in english
bt lucky ur language i still can understand although i am nt very good in english

stomach pain must take care woh
if nt it really will become lack of water den ur cny will be very special dy

some blogger oso homesick dy lah
bt this will be cure at moro when u go back to ur home

happy chinese new year ya

January 22, 2009 at 11:50 AM  
Blogger 蓝雪人 (明仔) said...

To: That My Goal
Of course u can understand because i m using simple English...not good in English also...wakaka

January 22, 2009 at 1:04 PM  
Blogger That My Goal said...

den good lah my english just at primary skul standard only ah

January 22, 2009 at 2:59 PM  

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